Report: Malaysia gets its own special edition Lamborghini Gallardo

The Malaysian market is getting its own limited edition of the Lamborghini Gallardo appropriately named the MLE, or the Malaysia Limited Edition.

No more then 20 units will be produced, and each will be built to order, starting at $550,000. Eminent Century is the official importer for Lamborghini in Malaysia, and will be offering the MLE along with JH Italia, its only dealer.

Modifications for the special edition include design integrations from the Superleggara 570-4 with the model’s bodykit, made up of a carbon-fiber rear diffuser, titanium exhaust tips, front bumper and side skirts. Inside is a custom luxury interior with Alcantara and leather upholstery.

Three color options are available for the Gallardo MLE which will be Bianco Monocerus, a solid white, Arancio Borealis, a pearl orange and Verde Ithaca, a pearl green.

By: Alexandra Koken

Source: Inside Line