Lingenfelter Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 hits 202 mph, runs 1/4 mile in the 10s

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (LPE) announced today that it has become the first to take the top speed of the 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 past 200 mph.

Driven by HOT ROD magazine Editor-in-Chief David Freiburger, the Lingenfelter-tuned ZL1 Camaro hit 202.67 mph at the Continental Tire North America, Inc. Uvalde Proving Grounds in Uvalde, Texas on April 30, 2012.

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“The Lingenfelter crew couldn’t be more excited to make history as the first 2012 ZL1 Camaro to exceed 200 mph, and to celebrate this victory on the heels of becoming the first company to run a ZL1 in the 10s,” said Ken Lingenfelter, owner, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering. “We are very proud to have David drive our car and to share in this accomplishment with HOT ROD magazine, an icon in the world of speed and high-performance vehicles.”

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The top speed achievement comes just weeks after Lingenfelter took its tuned Camaro ZL1 to Muncie Dragway in Albany, Ind. and ran a quarter mile at an impressive 134.36 mph at 10.79 seconds (check out the video after the jump).

Lingenfelter Camaro ZL1 modification packages come in three levels – a 630-hp package, a 700-hp package and a 720-hp package.

– By: Omar Rana