Report: Google talking with automakers on self-driving cars

Google Self Driving Car

Google is looking to launch its self-driving car technology as soon as possible, and may be making an announcement sometime next year as to when it will become available. The search engine corporation is already discussing the matter with automakers.

“The most important thing computers can do in the next 10 years is drive a car,” Google project manager Anthony Levandowski told a crowd of several hundred engineers Wednesday at the SAE World Congress in Detroit.

In order to push the technology forward, Google needs to provide data proving the safety of its self-driving technology, and beyond that, it needs to show that the technology makes errs less then human drivers.

“We don’t know what it’s going to take to show its safer than a driver,” he said, but he predicted: “It’s much sooner than the next decade.”

Prius sedans are currently being used to test the self-driving equipment, as they have been fitted with all of the cameras and sensors that Google would integrate into a new model. “We don’t want to make cars. That’s not our interest,” he added.

Not only is Google currently working with some of the big brands in the automotive world, but they are seeking suppliers out, as well. The approach is, currently, to seek out all of the automakers to see where they get generate the most excitement.

Google says it fully endorses its product, and that it is constantly looking to make more improvements, because they don’t want a recall to trigger corrections. The goal is to reach 1 million miles in its fleet of 10 vehicles before the technology is launched on any vehicles.

The technology is still held back by weather conditions, road markings that are not clear, and when no data can be retrieved by the car.

By: Alexandra Koken

Source: The Detroit News