Report: New Jersey Gov. Christie signs road rage bill into law

Road Rage

New Jersey legislature passed a bill last month unanimously called Jessica’s Law, which makes it so incidents of road rage are prosecuted as third degree-crimes.

Jessica’s Law s named after Jessica Rogers, who was paralyzed seven years ago when a vehicle she was a passenger in hit a telephone pole as a result of road rage. She was 16 when the accident happened, and has since had 24 surgeries, and cannot shower, dress or get into bed on her own. The driver of the other vehicle involved served four months in jail.

Gov. Chris Christie says he signed the bill because holding a license does not allow for people to “act out of every one or your childish tantrums while behind the wheel of a speeding vehicle.” Christie also adds that due to how densely populated the state is that the law is especially important there.

Rogers says “I hope it’ll make people think before they act,” and will help prevent more road rage related accidents.

By: Alexandra Koken

Source: NJ