Report: Four years after debut, no Lamborghini Estoque, what gives?

Some of you, just like all of us at egmCarTech, must be wondering what the heck happened to Lamborghini’s proposed luxury super sedan, the Estoque. It debuted a whole four years ago in 2008 at the Paris Auto Show. Considering the amount of time that has elapsed since then, by now, we expected to see a big super sedan duke-out between Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Posrche et al. But so is not the case. That said, did Lamborghini axe the exciting Estoque proposal?

The brand’s CEO, Stefan Winkelmann, apparently answered no.

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“It [the Estoque] was placed on hold because of a number of reasons, including the lack of a suitable platform,” he said. “We haven’t given up on the idea of a sedan entirely, but we see more potential in a sport-utility vehicle encapsulating typical Lamborghini attributes.”

The question was ultimately popped after the world saw Lamborghini’s SUV concept, the Urus.

Winkelmann didn’t exactly say when the Estoque could see production. Additionally, what confused us was when he also said that they couldn’t find a “suitable platform.” With Lamborghini’s massive parts bin ready at their disposal thanks to their ownership by Volkswagen AG, we wondered: couldn’t they just use the current Audi A8’s platform? Or is it not strong enough to handle the sort of gut-wrenching performance Lamborghini would most likely seek to give the Estoque, should it enter production?

Either way, it is comforting to hear that the Estoque is still on the drawing board. Now though, they just have to make it. Bring it on Lamborghini.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoWeek