Photo Renderings: Student designer takes shot at next BMW iSetta

A new concept has been created based on the classic BMW Isetta microcar from the 19050’s-60’s. The concept is not from BMW, but was created by designer Tony Weichselbraun, a graduate of the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Dubbed the BMW eSetta, the concept is a full electric car that is designed as a very modern update of the classic it is based on.

“The eSetta is an urban electric vehicle intended as a car sharing platform,” says Weichselbraun. “It is inductively charged at sharing hubs, thereby eliminating the unfound fear of limited range through empty batteries. Its design is inspired by the legendary BMW Isetta. The front door slides and rotates, allowing passengers to enter and exit the vehicle via sidewalk. By giving the car a highly recognizable and friendly appearance, I intended to reinforce the positive aspects of car sharing.”

This is a very clean-looking concept, but will BMW pick up on it?

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: coroflot