Mercedes-Benz AMG opens world’s first stand-alone dealership in Beijing

There is no doubt that China is becoming one of the quickest growing luxury car markets in world. Taking advantage of that, Mercedes-Benz announced today that it is opening its world’s first AMG-only dealership in Beijing.

“The AMG Performance Center in the Sanlitun Village North luxury shopping mall is situated at an exclusive top location in the centre of the Chinese capital and reflects AMG’s pioneering role in design and technology in a modern setting,” Mercedes-Benz AMG said in a statement.

“With this new AMG Performance Center in Beijing we hope to be able to attract and care for current and potential AMG customers. Here in Sanlitun Village North we enjoy a premium location, one where customers and all those interested can experience our brand claim ‘Driving Performance’ intensely. The new store will act as an example for future ‘stand-alone’ Performance Centers which are planned for other metropolis”, says Ola K√§llenius, chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

Since 2008, 195 AMG Performance Centers have opened doors in 18 countries, however all of them reside inside a Mercedes-Benz dealership.

– By: Omar Rana