2012 Beijing: Toyota Yundong Shuangqing Concept, just try to pronounce it

Toyota Yundong Shuangqing Concept

At the 2012 Beijing Motor Show, Toyota unveiled a concept with a very difficult name – ‘Yundong Shuangqing.’ The China-only concept is equipped with a hybrid system developed primarily at the Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing and R&D Center in Changshu, China.

So what’s with the name? Toyota says that the ‘Yundong’ name suggests ‘movement upon clouds’ and is Toyota’s corporate slogan in China. ‘Shuangqing’ suggests “dual support” and signifies the two power sources of the petrol-electric hybrid system.

“We would like to put smiles on the faces of our Chinese customers with hybrid technology,” said Toyota President Akio Toyoda. “I want the people of China to be able to experience the beauty of hybrid technology through a hybrid car born in China.”

– By: Omar Rana