2012 Beijing: BYD Qin Electric Concept sedan debuts in China

With over four new production and concept models debuting at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show, and a joint-venture with Daimler, Chinese automaker BYD has a lot on its plate.

The Denza brand will be the product of the effort with Daimler and has been created to make EV models. The concept pictured above is the first fruit between Daimler and BYD. However, BYD is also showing its very own electric sedan concept called the Qin.

Qin has been crafted with a potent electric motor that transfers power to the front wheels, and implements BYD’s DM II dual-mode technology. It is said to hit the 0-62 mph mark in 6.9 seconds, and is supposed to have an operating cost of $2.50 per 62 mph.

No word yet on if this has been approved for production, but so far, with decent power and attractive design, the Qin might do well.

– By: Alexandra Koken