Cadillac talks on their R&D in automated motoring, could be ready by mid-decade

If you enjoy riding in a luxury car more than driving it, then Cadillac might be making the car for you.

The automaker is jumping on the automated driving bandwagon by currently testing new technology that they call “Super Cruise.” It’s a semi-autonomous system that, in optimal conditions, can automatically brake, steer, and center the vehicle in highway lanes.

Super Cruise is said to be effective in various road conditions and situations, such as longer road trips or bumper-to-bumper traffic. A variety of equipment is used to achieve this, which includes cameras all around the vehicle, GPS map information, radar and ultrasonic sensors.

John Capp, General Motors director of Global Active Safety Electronics and Innovation explains “The primary goal of GM’s autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicle development is safety. In the coming years, autonomous driving systems paired with advanced safety systems could help eliminate the crash altogether by interceding on behalf of drivers before they’re even aware of a hazardous situation. More then ever, consumers will be able to trust their car to do the right thing.”

Cadillac has already begun implementing some of these technologies on its vehicles, such as the Driver Assist Package. Super Cruise as a whole is anticipated for sometime mid-decade.

By: Alexandra Koken