MG Icon Concept unveiled, to fully debut at 2012 Beijing Auto Show

Renderings of a new concept have been uncovered, created by British sports-car company MG Motors, for the concept that will be released next week at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show.

The concept is called the Icon, and was designed with rear-hinged doors, no B-pillars, large wheels, a crossover body-style, and an overall feel strongly reminiscent of the Nissan Juke. MG says it went for a crossover over a roadster to adapt to more common lifestyles of today. Part of the car’s inspiration comes from the original MGB shooting-brake, which was retired in 1980s. And in essence, the MG Icon is said to be the car that would have succeeded the original MGB, had it continued production today.

As a Chinese-owned company, Chinese designers were the majorly responsible for the design and calling the big decisions, which may also contribute to the body style selection, as convertible models are not popular in China. Makes sense, considering the pollution issues they are struggling with.

The model will be one of four models launched by MG in Beijing, and the Icon will be tested for consumer reaction this time around at the Beijing Auto Show. The Icon is most likely to hit production if it is well received.

Concept or not, the Icon does seem to be a bit polarizing with its looks, so it would be surprising to see how the reception fairs at the auto show. Even though the concept is significant for MG and their revitalization, we don’t think its the one to kick up sales.

By: Alexandra Koken

Source: InsideLine