Report: Chevrolet trademarks ‘SS’ vehicle, cross your fingers

Chevrolet Caprice Police Vehicle

There may be smoke, mirrors and Australians involved, but it would seem that GM is back in the game of a big rear-drive, V8-powered sedan for the masses.

Thanks to a recent trademark filing, details are leaking out on a new ‘SS’ trademarked vehicle, which can only mean a Pontiac G8 successor badged as a Chevy. If the new Impala, current wave of Corvettes and Cadillac’s V-Series are any indication, GM has remembered once again that it build quality, stunning and fast cars befitting the United States.

Smoke and mirrors? Here is where they come in: a 2009 service bulletin addressed seatbelts in a 2011 Chevy Police vehicle and Chevy SS; GM Authority connected the trademark filing and Bob Lutz mentioning a civilian version of the police vehicle based on the Holden Commodore.

In all it’s plausible, but not necessarily more so than the latest speculation on the iPhone 5. Make of it what you will.

– By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Automotive