Report: Maybach offers $100,000 rebate for customers as brand slowly dies

2012 Maybach 57 S

Mercedes-Benz’s ultra-luxury brand, Maybach, which was built to compete against the ultra-luxurious Brits, Rolls-Royce and Bentley, has been noted to be very much on its death bed. But to make sure that the brand sells off as much of their production stock as possible, Maybach has reportedly been offering a six-figure cash rebate for their customers…yup, you read correctly, a six-figure rebate.

For any of those are willing to dolly up anywhere from $376,300 to $416,200 for the short-wheelbase Type 57, or $427,700 to $467,600 for the long-wheelbase Type 62, dealers will be factoring in $100,000 rebate. So instead of spending all of your hard earned money on just one Maybach, you could get a Maybach and a second house (or third, or fourth house, depending how deep you roll) to put it in!

According to a report from Forbes: “Daimler has not turned a penny profit on Maybach since 2002 when it was introduced,” hence the rebate and Daimler’s decision to axe the Maybach brand by the end of this year.

Arguably just a W220 S-Class with a completely reworked body and a far more expensive and fancier suit, the Maybach models weren’t exactly top sellers. That said, I don’t think it would be missed very much.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AOL Autos