Video: 50 Nissan GT-Rs hang out at Laguna Seca Raceway

It’s very rare to ever come across a sight such as this. During a special event, a total of 50 Nissan GT-Rs came out to Laguna Seca Raceway and it was all caught on video by YouTube user BrianZuk.

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BrianZuk says that we should stay tuned for some more footage including drag racing and some autocross course takes. The event featured GT-Rs from 2009 – 2013 model years.

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All I can imagine is 50 Nissan GT-Rs having a massive drag race.

Check out the video after the jump.

Refresher: The 2013 Nissan GT-R being the most powerful, is powered by a 3.8-liter twin turbo V6 engine making 545-hp, an increase of 15-hp over the 2012 GT-R, and torque has been increased from 448 lb-ft to 463 lb-ft. 0 to 62 mph for the 2013 GT-R has been reported to come in at 2.84 seconds.

– By: Roman Bronfenbrener