Report: Jaguar could do a Mini Cooper competitor


A tiny Jaguar is a possibility for the luxury brand, although it may take some time before we even see a concept.

Jaguar’s head of design, Ian Callum, certainly has it on his brain, saying “I have mentioned supermini and that is my personal soapbox, internally and externally. I’d love to think that one day we could make something the size of a Mini.”

Although Callum is fully on board with the idea, it seems that Jaguar as a whole is not. The brand is actively seeking to expand its line, as Callum says “There is hardly anything we haven’t looked at as a potential Jaguar product,” but it seems from a business perspective, a supermini isn’t right for the automaker just yet.

The focus for the company is currently on expansion with the intent to broaden its portfolio and raise visibility, and doing so would require actions other then jumping in to compete with Mini’s and the like.

“We are doing more things now in parallel then we have ever done before. We couldn’t push it any faster.”


By: Alexandra Koken

Source: WhatCar