2012 New York: Fun stuff and things at the Javits Center

2012 New York: Ford Display

Hey fellow enthusiasts, I’m Alexandra Koken, an editor here at egmCarTech. For those of you checking out the New York Auto Show this year, I have harvested some goodies for you if you’d like to pack some added entertainment into your experience.

First up, Ford has a lot to offer its visitors with many displays of the inner workings of the blue oval’s models including various engines, and even the entire drivetrain of a Raptor pickup. Ford also offers stations at both of its locations with apple computers that allow you to get a ‘Blue Oval’ card. The card gives you access to digital souvenirs and you can enter to win a trip to Las Vegas. A Ford Focus ST sport technology simulator is also available to come as close as possible to driving the car without actually driving it, all while tightly strapped in a Sparco seat.

2012 New York: Mazda Display

If you head on over to Mazda you and your friends can hop in another set of Sparco seats for a Mazda Racing interactive game, and the automaker will even email your picture to you. There are also stations to watch a short film with audio provided from a headset with sound by Bose. Mazda also gives you the chance to get more familiar with its Skyactiv technology with a few stations that each feature a different component of the technology.

2012 New York: EV Pavilion

A test track has been set up inside the auto show called the EV Pavillion, which allows its guests to test drive full-electric vehicles around and indoor course. This is the place to be if you are considering purchasing anything ultra-green in the near future.

Ram is providing plenty to play with, offering an interior display with oversized swatches of the brand’s interior color and material offerings. The automaker also invites you to “Picture Yourself In A Ram” with a photo station located right next to another interactive stand displayed directly in the side of a pickup, complete with keyboard. Ram also offers plenty of branded goodies.

2012 New York: GMC Display

Right next-door is GMC, which lets you get better acquainted with its OnStar app via an oversized iPhone.

2012 New York: Toyota Display

Toyota is offering a massive ‘touch wall’ that lets you explore, in-depth, the workings and features of the brand’s lineup.

2012 New York: Honda Display

Honda also provides some fun interactivity to leave your fingerprints on, with a large ‘Honda Words’ game that lets you play its own, automotive themed ‘Words with Friends’ style game. An ecoassist challenge driving game is also part of the Honda display, along with a look at some of the other motor-powered devices that Honda makes, plus a selection of branded accessories.

The 2012 New York Auto Show is definitely not shy on stimulation or interactivity. I hope you all have as great of a time as the egmCarTech staff did this year.


By: Alexandra Koken