2012 New York: 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class is larger, safer and roomier

Mercedes-Benz has just released its largest edition to its 2013 SUV line up with the redesigned GL-Class today at the New York Auto Show. The complete package comes as a larger, safer, roomier and more advanced version of its former self.

All seven passengers can expect more head, shoulder and elbow room from the interior space, with new features like electronic third row operation, and rear seat recline for the second row. The rest of the interior features large wood finish trim, a leather wrapped gearshift, infotainment, navigation and communication systems, and a 4.5-inch “photo quality” color display.

On the outside, Mercedes added LED taillight clusters with light guide technology, a large roof spoiler and bumper and a chrome skidplate. Illuminated brushed aluminum running boards come standard on the GL550, and are available as an option of the GL450 and the GL350 BlueTech. Both the GL 350 and the GL450 are fitted with a set of 19-inch alloy wheels, with options for a 20-inch upgrade, while the GL550 boasts a set of 21-inch AMG wheels.

Three power options are available for the GL-Class, starting with the GL350 BlueTech, a re-engineered V6 makes 240-hp and 455 lb-ft of torque. The GL450 gets 362-hp and 406 lb-ft of torque out of its twin-tubro direct injection V8, while the GL550 packs a more then decent 429-hp and 516 lb-ft of torque under its hood. Overall, each of the models has more power then their predecessors, and all are mated to a seven-speed automatic transmission.

Suspension gets an upgrade for all three GL-variants with Airmatic full air suspension and self-leveling permanent all-wheel drive.

Some new safety features have been added, the most notable being the Collision Prevention Assist and Attention Assist, which has been included as a standard feature for the first time. The system alerts drivers when their vehicle comes too close to a car in front of it, and even picks up stationary objects. Using surround view cameras, the Parking Assist package with Parktronick automatically parallel parks the GL-Class for you. In addition, Mercedes added Crosswind Stabilization that helps drivers keep better control over the SUV in strong wind conditions.

Tons of details follow in the press release below, if you are dying to know more about the new and improved GL.

2012 New York Auto Show

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By: Alexandra Koken