2013 Ford Fusion to offer optional auto start-stop for $295

While Ford has yet to announce any pricing details on the 2013 Fusion sedan, it did announce today that it will offer the auto start-stop system for only $295. The 2013 Ford Fusion is one of the first non-hybrid midsize sedans to offer optional auto start-stop.

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Why is it optional? Well, from what we understand, some people might not want their engine to idle at a red light or stop sign. If you do want want your engine to idle and want to save some fuel, then you can purchase the auto start-stop option separately for $295.

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“We expect the average Fusion driver with the 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine and Auto Start-Stop will save about $1,100 more than other midsize sedan owners during five years of driving,” said Samantha Hoyt, Fusion marketing manager. “That’s cash in their pocket and time saved with fewer trips to the pump.”

Should you drop the extra $295? If you live in urban areas and sit in traffic a lot, the system should definitely benefit you. Ford says that on average, auto start-stop improves fuel efficiency by about 3.5 percent.

Refresher: The 2013 Ford Fusion is available in the United STates in S, SE and Titanium trims. The engine lineup includes a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated inline-4 with 170-hp and 170 lb-ft of torque, mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. Also available is a 1.6 liter EcoBoost turbo 4-cylinder making 179-hp and 172 lb-ft of torque and a 2.0 liter EcoBoost making 237-hp and 250 lb-ft of torque. All Ford Fusion models come with front-wheel-drive as standard but the 2.0 EcoBoost can be ordered with all-wheel-drive.

– By: Roman Bronfenbrener