Video: Chinese driver nail world’s largest loop

Video: Chinese man nails largest loop

From the first playschool toy car, life-long motor-heads have been bending the rules of reality. The trips over impossible carpeted terrains later give way to improvised car washes on lego boards and then unfathomable stunts on Hot Wheels race tracks, or in video games.

Some, like Li Yatao, just don’t stop there, though. Yatao actually drove a Youngman Lotus L5 around a loop-the-loop. A few months ago, he set a world record, driving the L5 through the largest one to date. The loop was 42 feet , 2.69 inches in diameter, and in order to make it though, the bumpers on both ends had to be removed. Yatao drives as a member of the Youngman factory team.

Watch the awesome stunt in envy after the jump.

By: Alexandra Koken