Report: Ford’s Flex gets refreshed for 2013, hopes to swing sloping sales

The Ford Flex can be a mixed bag for some. For instance, those who aren’t fans of the quirky American crossover think that its design resembles too much of a refrigerator on wheels. On the flipside however, those who favor the Flex—like myself personally—think it’s an interesting and unique take to the crossover market. The boxy shape allows for great practicality and interior space. Not to mention, when equipped with Ford’s awesome 3.5L EcoBoost V6, the Flex is quick to boot.

But the more interesting part about the Flex is that despite its mixed reviews, Ford continues to sell the model and its reception amongst those who own them seems to be echoing well.

“One out of every two customers who buy a Flex have never purchased a Ford,” said Amy Marentic, Ford’s marketing manager for cars and utilities. “That’s the highest conquest rate of any Ford nameplate.”

Though recently, sales have been slipping so Ford has been prepping a mid-cycle refresh. In Ford’s latest report, the Flex’s sales saw a decline of roughly 20%, bringing the production figure to 3,477 units through this past February. At its highest moment, the Ford shifted 38,717 Flexes in 2009.

As part of the freshening up, word is that the base front-wheel Flex’s EPA highway rating gets a boost of one mpg in addition to several aesthetic changes for the 2013 year.

The 2013 Ford Flex will be hitting dealerships right around now with a starting price of $31,670.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Automotive News