Video: Egyptian builds his very own BMW 1 Series M out of 120d, swaps engine for M3’s V8

Some countries apply very large taxes for imported vehicles, Egypt being one of them. One BMW enthusiast decided to create his own version of a 1M in order to get the car he wants at a more reasonable rate.

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The BMW 1M coupe would have cost $150,000 USD to import and purchase in Egypt. By comparison, to purchase the same car in the U.S. would cost $47,010 for a 335 hp entry-level M model.

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On the 1addicts forum, user “hatembmw” decided to work around the tax by purchasing a 120d Coupe, swapping the four-cylinder diesel motor for the M3’s 414 hp 4.0-liter V8, and modifying the body to match that of the 1M. Both the fenders and bumpers were widened, and side skirts, mirrors, wheels, and an upgraded suspension and brake system were all added, as well.

“Hatembmw” modified his car for about $45,000 USD in under a month, and from the looks of the photograph it seems the end result was worth the money.

Check out a video after the jump.

By: Alexandra Koken

Source: AutoWeek