Report: Don’t look at next McLaren F1 to be a top speed king, production to be limited

We already know that a successor for one of the most amazing supercars in history – the McLaren F1 – is in the works. Apparently, the car is supposed to make its debut at the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix in May. While we’re not 100 percent sure that the McLaren F1 will debut there we do know one thing – McLaren Automotive boss Ron Dennis says don’t look at the next F1 to be as quick when it comes to top speed.

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He said that trying to beat the top speed of the original F1 or even the Bugatti Veyron isn’t the goal of the new model.

“[The MP4-12C] will go around any circuit in the world faster than an F1,” Dennis says. “Don’t get fixated by top speed. That’s the first thing you have to discard in today’s society.”

The man has a point – I mean do you really travel at 250+ mph everyday? No.

Instead, Dennis said the new McLaren F1 will be world’s most technologically advanced supercar and will take on Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini.

“What you’ve got to have is a complete package of performance,” he says. “You’ve got to embrace technologies that are out there that are accepted, and some that don’t even exist. I can tell you our next car has many things on it that don’t exist at the moment.”

Dennis also said that McLaren will produce between 300 to 500 units of the F1.

Bugatti – you still own the bragging rights for having the fastest top speed. Congratulations.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Drive