Saab 9-3 lives on in Swedish Racing Elite League

Saab may be dead as an automaker, but the brand will live on through a revelry developed partnership with four new Saab 9-3 models for the TTA – Racing Elite League in 2012. Flash Engineering and Team Tido launched a tribute to Saab’s journey during the years in the form of Tribute2Saab in this year’s Swedish Racing Elite League.

A bunch of drivers including, Jan ‘Flash’ Nilsson, Mattias Andersson and Linus Ohlsson, are going to represent Saab on the Swedish tracks and fight with Volvo, BMW and Citroen in the Racing Elite League.

“I have longed for 40 years to see the fight between Saab and Volvo on the race tracks. It becomes reality this summer and my biggest dream is to get all Saab fans to the TTA races to cheer us on,” said Jan ‘Flash’ Nilsson, driver and Managing Director of Flash Engineering.

“I had a real ‘wow-feeling’ when I saw the Saab in TTA-design for the first time. It is going to be great fun racing with a Swedish car and most of all to pick up the classic Saab versus Volvo fight that has been going on since I was a child. I am for sure looking forward to the coming season,” said Mattias Andersson, former IRL and CART driver.

– By: Omar Rana