Remember the Perana Z-One? Well, it’s now called the AC 378 GT Zagato

Back in May 2011, we heard that the Zagato Perana Z-one will enter production with only 999 units to be built. Ever since, the Z-One seems to have fallen of the face of the planet… until now. Apparently the Perana Z-One now resurfaces under a 111-year old brand known as AC, which will be renaming the car and selling it as the the AC 378 GT Zagato.

AC and Zagato first collaborated in 1957, where they built the AC Ace Bristol Zagato one-off.  Along with that car, AC and Zagato will show up to Pebble Beach 2012 with the AC 378 GT Zagato to celebrate their partnership.

“After two years of testing, about ten AC 378 GT Zagato pre-production units have been completed in Port Elizabeth, South Africa where the AC 378 Zagato’s manufacturing facility is based,” AC Cars said in a statement. The company said that throughout 2011, the car went under a bunch of handling and performance upgrades to maximize driving characteristics.

Power will come from a 6.2 liter V8 engine that will send 440-hp to the rear-wheels.

– By: Omar Rana