Exclusive: Ferrari uses the same touchscreen center display as the Jeep Grand Cherokee

While hanging out at the Ferrari stand at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show and checking out the new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, 458 Italia, FF and the California – I notice something very interesting – Ferrari uses the same center screen display unit as the Jeep Grand Cherokee and many other Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge models.

The unit functions the same way and makes the same ‘beep’ noises as my privately owned Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Now, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to us since Fiat Group owns Ferrari and owns a controlling stake in Chrysler Group LLC. The system is the same exact unit you’ll see in the Dodge Avenger, Jeep Grand Cherokee (and other Jeep models) and the new Dodge Durango.

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However, if I’m buying one of the most exclusive supercars in the world, I would expect them to put something very exclusive in their. It should be an internally developed system by Ferrari that mirrors something like the new Cadillac CUE or even Ford’s MyTouch system.

Either way, it’s something I thought you would like to know.

All Photos Copyright egmCarTech © Omar Rana.

– By: Omar Rana