2012 Geneva: HAMANN makes the Range Rover Evoque a lot beefier

Hamann Motorsport, the German tuning house of all things luxury, is bringing its take on the Range Rover Evoque to the Geneva Motor Show this year as part of its plush spread.

Power modes include a kit for the 2.2 TD4 and 2.2 ED4 that kicks power up by 31hp and 47.9 lb-ft, while the 2.2 Si4 gets a 38hp increase and 40.5 lb-ft extra.

The exterior of this Evoque is a bit unique in the way its color scheme is laid out, and comes fitted with a two-part front spoiler, wider fenders all around, and side sills that contrast the body paint. Multiple wheel options are available, including Anniversary Evo Black 22-inch wheels, Edition Race Anodized wheels and Anniversary Evo wheels.

On the inside, Hamann provides plenty of option as well, including full-leather upholstery and handcrafted stitching.

Looks beefy.

2012 Geneva Motor Show

All Photos Copyright egmCarTech © Omar Rana.

By: Alexandra Koken