2012 Geneva: Brabus Smart ForTwo Electric and an eBike with max speed of 30 mph

Brabus, known for its very high-performance Mercedes-Benz modifications is showing something a little more environmentally ‘smart’ at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The company is showing yet another Smart ForTwo electric drive – however, this time they are accompanying it with a smart Brabus bike.

Besides the upgraded stealthy look of Smart Brabus electric drive, the tuner gives the fully-electric subcompact a power boost from 75-hp to 82-hp with a maximum torque of 100 lb-ft. A new sports suspension was also added and drops the ride height by 10mm.

“The smart BRABUS electric drive is our sports car with a green heart”, says smart boss Dr. Annette Winkler. “Electric driving in the city is more fun than ever with this 2.69 metre short bundle of power.

The Smart Brabus bike gets a 500 watt electric-motor that allows it to hit a nice maximum speed of 30 mph.

The Smart Brabus electric drive and the Smart Brabus bike will be available to order in 12 countries by the end of the year.

2012 Geneva Motor Show

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– By: Omar Rana