Report: BMW could revive the Triumph brand


BMW is making efforts to bring back the Triumph brand, as the automaker has applied for a European trademark on the brand’s logo in October of last year.

The application is for use on a variety of items which include textiles, leather goods, luggage, jewelry, watches, books and Christmas tree decorations.

Back in 1994 British Aerospace sold BMW the Rover Group. Included in the deal were brands such as Morris, Austin, Wolesley, Triumph and Riley. BMW only retained Triumph and Riley after selling the rest of Rover in 2000, breeding rumors that the Triumph brand would be brought back at that time, but they were not.

The filing of the new trademark application, filed as ‘Community Trade Mark E10374627’ may mean that the brand will be revived. While dealers weren’t too happy about the idea of a line of Triumph models the last time the idea was proposed, it is the most likely scenario this time around, as well, with a line up of Mini based roadster models as the most likely outcome.

BY: Alexandra Koken