Video: Cadillac explains the lighting technology behind the 2013 XTS sedan

Cadillac is using new lighting technology to enhance its latest designs while taking advantage of the functional benefits. For the 2013 XTS sedan, Cadillac implemented 20 light sources in a special sequence when the key fob is used. The signature vertical lighting will still be used, along with additional lighting in the door handles and around the car’s perimeter for added security.

On the XTS’s interior, blue lights are used on the instrument panel and controls, with warmer lighting for passengers.

“The new LED offerings now provide a new palette of color to bring more dramatic lighting effects that have never been available before,” said Christos Roustemis, Cadillac interior designer.

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Careful color selection is important in lighting design for mood, effect and function, and here Cadillac selected different colors for different tasks as with the LCD screen to create the least distraction.

“In cars, just as in architecture, lighting defines how we feel about a space. It is both artistry and user experience,” Allaire said. “For me, the beauty is in the blends, how you layer the affects, mix the light sources, and how you package it into the final product.”

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– By: Alexandra Koken