Rinspeed Dock+Go Concept allows you to get more out of your Smart ForTwo

The Dock+Go concept is automotive designer Frank M. Rinderknecht’s vision for vehicles based on the idea of bringing along no more then just what you need in your travels.

Based on a city car, the dock and go allows drivers to add and remove a third axle as necessary. It was built by Peter Kagi and 4erC as an electric car that allows the rear axel to be added to meet a number of business and personal needs.

Power for the car is made by an “energy pack” that allows for additional batteries. The third axle acts to recharge the batteries, also, minimizing its impact on the range.

The inside of the Dock+Go has a red and black color scheme, with entertainment for the concept provided by Hamon, while the outside is coated in a sparkling AkzoNoble finish over silver paint. Seating in the concept features Schoeller yarns, which create a fabric that has natural thermoregulation properties.

Additonal features for the Dock+Go are the lightweight but strong door panels, an intelligent infotainment system, glass inlays for the roof, and a display that replaces what would be the grille.

A hands-on reveal the Dock+Go concept will be displayed at the upcoming 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

2012 Geneva Motor Show

By: Alexandra Koken