GM backed startup claims it has produced lithium-ion battery that will cut cost by half, increase range

Envia Systems

Envia Systems, a startup battery produced backed by General Motors, claims that it has achieved a breakthrough in the production of a lithium-ion battery that could cost the cost of electric vehicles. Envia said that it has produced battery cells that are more powerful than the ones used in current electric cars. The company said that the new cells are lighter as well.

The California based company said that the new technology could reduce the cost of a battery by more than half and allow an EV to hit the 300 mile range.

“There is this enormous race going on” to develop higher-density batteries, which are considered the key to making less-costly EVs that can go longer distances between charges, Envia CEO Atul Kapadia said in an interview. “What we’ve done is leapfrog all existing technologies.”

When will this technology be available for commercial production. Kapadia says we’ll have to wait until 2014.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Autonews