2013 Mercedes-Benz A-Class to offer full Apple iPhone integration… including Siri

While every other automaker these days is integrating the Apple iPhone into their vehicles, Mercedes-Benz is about to put them all to shame with the new A-Class hatchback, which it says is like an ‘iPhone on wheels.’ That’s a bold claim and Mercedes-Benz is here to back it up.

“Mercedes-Benz is making smartphones mobile and ensuring that such electronic assistants will in future be fully linked into the car’s infotainment system,” the company said in a statement.

First off the line will be the Apple iPhone and the way it will be integrated into the new 2013 A-Class. With the help of the new ‘Digital DriveStyle App,’ which was developed in-house by Benz, users can now access all the key content of their iPhone and see it displayed on their dash and operate it through a controller on the center armrest. The best part about it all? Mercedes-Benz will be enabling access to the voice-based assistant Siri inside a car. Using Siri in the 2013 Mercedes-Benz A-Class will allow users to send messages, select music tracks, check the weather forecast or stock prices and make appointments. Of course, Facebook and Twitter integration will also be a part of the deal along with a bunch of other apps from the app store.

Other integrated cool features will include an advanced navigation form Garmin and  ‘Car Finder,’ which automatically stores the vehicle’s location.

Mercedes-Benz also said that starting March 31, 2012, the new Mercedes-Benz App store will offer two new apps in the App Shop including Parking Finder and Morningstar Finance. The company plans to launch a dozen or so new applications each year with the help of Daimler’s App Development Groups in both Palo Alto, California/USA, and Bangalore, India.

– By: Omar Rana