Bertone Nuccio Concept to mark the design firm’s 100-year anniversary

Italian design firm loves the Geneva Motor Show and at this year will be more important than ever as the brand will be celebrating its centenary. The 100-year celebration will be marked with a new concept you see here (sketches were released earlier this month).

Known as the Bertone Nuccio, the concept is named after the founder of the styling firm, Nuccio Bertone.

While details are currently limited, Bertone says that the Nuccio is a study of an ‘extreme’ sports car. The Nuccio features a wedge shape design, a mid-rear-engined layout and a rear-wheel-drive architecture. Oh, and we forgot to mention, it’s a sedan.

Design Director Michael Robinson headed the Nuccio project.

Stay tuned for more details and images from Geneva.

2012 Geneva Motor Show

– By: Omar Rana