Mini Clubvan Concept is a Clubman with more cargo room

Meet the Mini Clubvan Concept – but don’t get us wrong, it’s not a minivan even though its a Mini and it has the word van in it. The Mini Clubvan Concept, which will debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, is basically a Mini Clubman that’s stripped out on the inside, has polycarbonate panels and will offer those with active lifestyle or a business a certain solution.

The Mini Clubvan Concept features a closed-off area behind the front seats and the rear seats have been taken out to offer additional cargo room. So you have two seats, five doors and a bunch of cargo potential.

“The load area reaches from the split rear doors right up to the partition grille behind the two seats,” Mini said in a statement. “The totally level floor makes full use of the interior’s depth, and that allows the concept car’s load capacity to exceed the maximum achieved by the MINI Clubman.”

The Mini Clubman offers 9.2 cubic feet of space with the seats up and 32.8 cubic feet with the seats down. The Mini Clubvan Concept will offer just a little more – unfortunately, Mini didn’t spill the beans on how much.

– By: Omar Rana