Report: 2015 Ford Focus RS to get 5-doors, more power

Ford engineers on Team RS have their sights set on the next Focus RS model, although the variant has yet to be made official by the automaker.

It would be a 2015 model, and the team at Ford already knows what they want for it, starting with “at least 320 hp”. This would come from a turbocharged 2.3-liter 4 banger with balance shafts and direct injection. While the team really would like to drop the 5-cylinder 2.5-liter under the hood, the lost partnership with Volvo hinders the move.

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The 2.3-liter is expected to power the 2014 Mustang, but the Focus RS is expected to get more boost out of it, and will need to be re-worked due to the transverse mounting for the Focus, as well.

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Team RS tossed around the idea of a 4WD platform, but front wheel is the most probable choice as a 4WD chassis would weigh too much. As for the suspension, the team says “RevoKnuckle is not dead and you’ll see it again”.

A 5-door body style will be featured on the model as well, with no coupe or 3-door planned.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: Top Gear