Report: Jaguar thinking of track-only XKR-S Coupe

The already limited production Jaugar XKR-S coupe is under consideration to get a special-edition variant that is both track and road ready.

While the production model XKR-S already laps the Nurburgring in less then eight minutes, the special-edition should do this quicker. To do so, Jaguar may make modifications such as removing the rear seats, and adding a fire-suppression system, lighter sound system and racing seats.

Jaguar’s in-house engineering team, Engineered to Order, would be building the special-edition, which Klaas has noted will have more marketing involvement in the future.

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What is not being considered is a convertible variant for the special-edition, although it is still possible later on. The upcoming Geneva auto show may provide us with a teaser, but the Paris Auto Show in fall is a more likely venue for any sort of release of the special edition XKR-S.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: Car & Driver