Report: Arizona police angry over 215 mph Bugatti YouTube video

Arizona police angry over 215 mph Bugatti YouTube video

A video from 2009 has just now surfaced on YouTube getting a lot of attention for the Bugatti Veyron it features driving over 215 mph on an Arizona highway.

For about three minutes, viewers can watch the $1.5 million ride go though seven runs, ending with the driver, dressed in a white racing jumpsuit, pulled over by Arizona police. Police only caught the driver at speeds of about 80 mph, however.

Arizona police are not too happy about the incident, and Arizona Department of Public Safety’s spokesman Bart Graves says if the driver was caught doing this again, he would be face possible jail time and loss of license.

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He also says “If he’s rich enough to own a car like this, he’s rich enough to rent a racetrack in Tucson or Phoenix. The fact is, this is a criminal act.” He adds “We have these clowns do this from time to time. They don’t care about what could happen. They just want to toot their own horn.”

Text from the video provides information about how the video was filmed “south of the border” and that “No birds, reptiles or mammals were harmed. Everyone involved got the 215 mph ride of a lifetime.”

By: Alexandra Koken

Source: Yahoo