Meet the Boxx: An urban electric scooter capable of 40 miles, top speed of 35 mph

Straight out of Portland, Oregon, today we bring you something called the Boxx – made by a company called – well, the Boxx. The Boxx is merely a meter-long electric scooter that should make getting around your urban life just a tad bit better and simpler.

Weight in at 120 pounds, the Boxx retails for $3,995 (a bit hefty) and can go a total of 40 miles between charges, which can take up to one to four hours depending on the voltage used. Top speed comes in at an impressive 35 mph so you won’t be bored riding around on this little thing.

The Boxx should be able to tackle many urban terrains as it can easily climb a 40 degree angle and can hold up to 300 pounds in combined passenger and cargo load. It includes two cubbies for backpacks and laptop bags – and get this, you can even order it with a heated seat.

How is the market responding to this? According to Paul D’Souza, International Director for Boxx Corp. “Basically we are flooded and can’t keep up with E-mail,” he told Autopia. “We have requests from all over the world.”

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Boxx (via Autopia)