Report: Volkswagen Golf GTI Cabriolet to debut in Geneva, Golf R Cabriolet possibility

Volkswagen will be debuting the second ever Golf GTI Cabriolet at next month’s Geneva Motor Show for the UK, following up last year’s soft-top GTI debut in Austria.

This will most likely be the last MkVI Golf variant, since the next generation is coming up in 2013. A full-spec GTI Cabriolet has skipped the last 5 generations, however the GTI motor has been available for both a Golf Cabriolet and Eos hard-top since the MkI.

The soft-top GTI that was released at Worthersee last year comes with a set of 19-inch Glendale alloy wheel option, along with a body kit, and LED lighting. The speculation is that this tuner car was a preview of what’s to come for the production model, and that this is similar to what will be released next month.

Additionally, there is the possibility of the Worthersee Golf R Cabrio being sent to production, which would boast the most power ever sent to the wheels of a VW convertible, at 268hp.

The new GTI Cabriolet is scheduled for release in September, priced around $35,300 USD, with an R version at around $45,800 USD.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: AutoExpress