2013 Morgan Aero Coupe headed for a Geneva debut

At the 2012 Geneva Motor Show next month, Morgan will be debuting its new Aero Coupe, ‘an advanced supercar designed for practical long distance touring.” Inspired by the Morgan GT3 Aero, which enjoyed a number of racing titles, the cockpit of the Coupe body style takes the Aero to the next level when it comes to comfort with a large and secure boot in the rear for luggage.

“Constructed entirely from aluminium which is a third of the weight of steel, the Morgan Aero Coupe combines performance with environmental responsibility and a high level of safety,” Morgan said in a statement. “The fixed roof and enclosed cabin give a sense of security and silence which is only interrupted by the intoxicating purr of the BMW V8.”

The 4.8 liter BMW V8 makes a total of 390-hp that pushes the 2,600 pound Morgan Aero Coupe. Transmission choices include a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic.

More technical specs will be made available in Geneva.

– By: Omar Rana