Report: Kia Soul’ster Concept is undergoing final decision for production

Kia Soul'ster Concept

A three year old concept Kia released at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show has been dusted off and scheduled for production.

The Track’ster Concept is the model that will be making its debut next week at the Chicago Auto Show. In the press statement on the release, Kia noted that the Soul’ster convertible is “currently under final assessment for production”.

No details have been given on the upcoming model, but if it is in the final assessment stage, expect to seen the model on showroom floors in the near future.

If the production model is anything like the original concept, expect a convertible-pick up blend, with a roll bar hidden beneath a two-piece removable roof, and room for four.

Power is likely to be shared with the five-door Soul.

By: Alexandra Koken

Source: CarScoop