Video: Chevrolet Silverado lives through the apocalypse in Super Bowl XLVI ad

Chevrolet Silverado Apocalypse

General Motors has released yet another commercial for Super Bowl XLVI called ‘2012.’ The commercial is based around the Chevrolet Silverado and shows off how reliable the truck is in a 60-second.

The ad is focused around the Silverado navigating the devastation and destruction predicted to occur this year by the Mayan calendar.

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“A group of friends, who are Silverado owners, makes its way to the designated meeting spot but notice one of their buddies is missing, GM said about the ad in a statement. “The missing friend, unfortunately, drives another manufacturer’s truck and doesn’t appear to have made it to the meeting point.”

The ad also features a shot at the Ford F-150 but we won’t spoil it for you.

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– By: Omar Rana