Study: Women are better at parking than men

Bad Parking Job

A recent study in the United Kingdom has revealed that women may be better at parking cars then men are.

The U.K.’s National Car Parks captured and studied surveillance taken of car parks for one month at different locations, and made the determination based on several factors. Accuracy, time, and technique were all combined to give an overall score for each driver.

Women scored higher then men overall, while they take longer to park, they do so with greater accuracy, use more by-the-book technique and are better at finding empty spots.

“Women fared better in many areas of the scoring,” the report said. “This is despite the fact that, when questioned about their beliefs, only one fifth (18%) thought they were better parkers than men and less than a third (28%) of women believed they were better parkers than their partners.”

In your experience, do you find women to be better at parking then men? Let us know what you think.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: MSNBC