Report: Chevrolet Volt controversy hurts sales despite getting cleared

GM North America President Mark Reuss has admitted that the Chevrolet Volt sales numbers have significantly dropped for the month of January due to the bad publicity currently surrounding the model.

Reuss sites the government investigation of the Volt crash test fire is “definitely a component” that contributes to this month’s dip in sales. In contrast, December was the model’s best month, with roughly 1,530 unit sold out of the entire year’s 7,700 total.

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Currently, GM is changing courses with its marketing for the Volt to attempt to build the model’s reputation back up. Airing a new commercial dubbed “Morning in Hamtramck” is one of the first steps, which is an ad that emphasizes the car’s Detroit roots that will run for a month.

Another approach GM has taken is the “open letter to America” thanking those that stand by the car, written by CEO Dan Akerson, along with his testimony Wednesday during the Volt fire hearing. Akerson still claims the Volt is a safe vehicle, and Ray LaHood, Transportation Secretary, agrees. LaHood also denies any government interference in the investigation of the Volt fire and believes the releasing the information on the investigation was premature.

– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: DetroitNews