J.D. Power and Associates’ new study find that buyers based purchase decision on brand reputation

2013 Lexus GS450h Hybrid

New reports are out from J.D. Power and Associates and in those reports, they found that more than 40% of new car buyers based their purchases on opinions of conventional wisdom or common knowledge regarding a particular model’s quality or reliability concerns rather than personal experience, reviews, ratings and recommendations.

In other words, buyers based their purchase decisions on a brand’s reputation for quality and reliability. So basically, since most buyers are familiar with the ideas that, for instance, Jaguars are known to be reliability nightmares and Lexuses are not, such perceptions have been the leading influence in purchases for this year. The study is in its ninth year and has been often referred to as the J.D. Power and Associates Avoider Study.

“The fact that so many new-vehicle buyers may be basing their opinions about quality and reliability on pre-conceived notions, rather than concrete information or data, demonstrates how important it is for automakers to promote the quality and reliability of their models,” said Jon Osborn, research director at J.D. Power and Associates. “For some brands, namely those that have created marked improvements in their quality and reliability in recent years, it’s even more vital to tell their improvement story, rather than just waiting for perceptions to change over time.”

In addition to this find, the same study found that the other most influential reason for specific model purchases in 2012 was fuel economy, which overshadowed reliability, price, and exterior styling, which were the top reasons in 2010.

– By: Chris Chin