Bugatti orders two years additional supply of Veyron’s DCT 7-speed cog swapper

2011 Bugatti Veyron Cutaway

Bugatti’s work with the Veyron has been slowly coming to an end, leaving off with only rumors as to what the outstanding supercar brand could be coming up with next. But to make things far more interesting, Bugatti released some news stating that they just ordered two more years worth of Dual Clutch Transmissions, the same one specially made for the epic Veyron supercar.

Made and supplied by Ricardo, which is based in Leamington, UK, the news regarding the order of the seven-speed unit could mean that Bugatti is gearing up to release some new cars.

“Ricardo is really pleased to see a further extension of the partnership with Bugatti on the dual clutch transmission of the Veyron, a supercar that represents the ultimate in high quality automotive design, engineering and manufacture,” said Ricardo’s director of high performance transmission products, Mark Barge. “We look forward to two further very successful years in the story of this truly great automobile with its advanced Ricardo transmission.”

Details were sparse as to Bugatti’s reasoning for the order, though they were not specifically described. Considering the bits of rumors and trends floating around, the most likely reason could be that Bugatti is making a final version of the Veyron, which will ultimately signify the end of the car’s production completely

But at the same time, it’s not unruly to think that Bugatti is also finalizing a production version of their Veyron four-door, the Galibier.

Either way, we’re eager to learn what Bugatti’s going to come up with next.

– By: Chris Chin