Report: BMW to make a gas-electric i5 people carrier…yes, basically a BMW minivan

This bit of news is sure to be a bit upsetting to the purist. Reports are saying that BMW is planning on introducing their first ever MPV/people carrier/minivan crossover…or whatever you may to call it. BMW? Minivan? You can’t be serious…!

BMW insiders have apparently told some reporters that they’ll be expanding the “i” lineup, even before the original i3 and i8 have reached production. Supposedly called the i5 MPV, the new addition is said to be powered by a small three-cylinder gas engine that acts as a “range extender” and a rear-mounted electric motor.

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But before this new i5 comes about, the i3 is said to be on track with its launch next year, followed by the gas-electric hybrid i8 sport sedan.

Other details were withheld, but the last hint for the i5 was that its starting price could hover around $65,000.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: InsideLine