World’s smallest car with tiny horsepower to be revived

Peel Car

If the Fiat 500 or Smart Cars look like roomy models to you, then the good news is that something even smaller is being revived.

Peel is a brand of tiny transportation being brought back by a group of businessmen in the UK, with two models already available for order, which are the P50 and the Trident.

Power for the models comes from the same 49cc petrol motor that puts out a whole 3.35hp, although two electric versions are available as options, also. One is a brushless motor that puts out 1.6hp and 2.5 lb-ft of torque that can get the little Peel up to 15mph. Both models can run for about 50 miles, and have a 28 mile range version that packs 4hp and goes 50mph.

As for weight, the Trident comes it at about 130lbs, and the P50 is at 198lbs. So far, most of the first 50 made are sold with a price tag of roughly $10,700. A $1,546 deposit is required for purchase.

By: Alexandra Koken

Source: PEEL (via AutoBlog)