Report: State of California to get its own Chevrolet Volt version

In order to tap in to a niche market, GM has decided to try and grab buyer’s attention with a modified version of the Chevrolet Volt model.

In certain regions throughout the U.S., car-pool stickers are offered up on some models, such as the Toyota Prius. To try and grab a bigger piece of the market, the Volt will now be released modified to be able to drive in carpool lanes with only one driver, something very few models qualify to do.

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The new model will probably come badged as a special edition, only for release in California. Given the states proclivity to all things ‘green’ and the 30% of sales that went to the state last year, it’s probable that the new Volt variant will be a success.

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By: Alexandra Koken

Source: USAToday