New Toyota Prius V outsells Chevrolet Volt in 2011

In just 10 short weeks, the Toyota Prius v managed to outsell the Chevrolet Volt that was available for all of 2011.

GM sold 7,671 units in 2011, and 7,997 in its first 13 months, while the Prius v hit dealers in October 2011, and by the last week in December 8,399 had rolled off Toyota’s lots.

With a 220,000 unit sales goal for all Prius variants, Toyota is looking to boost its sales by 60% from last year. Missing its goal by 10,000 units last year, GM struggled with production and availability, along with crash fire investigations. In addition to these issues, the Prius starts at $26,400, while the Volt has a price tag of $39,145, another contributing factor to the quick success of the Prius.

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Overall, Hybrid sales make up just 2.2% last year’s auto sales, down from the previous year’s 2.4%. While Nissan missed its sales goal of 10,000 units for last year, 9,674 Leaf models were still sold.

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– By: Alexandra Koken

Source: Free Press